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Elit™ is an ulta-luxury vodka that ranks among the finest in the world, a vodka of astonishing and unprecedented purity and smoothness.

Elit™ is using a unique process, inspired by an ancient Russian technique that dates back to the days of the czars. The process is labor intensive and time consuming.

To make elit™, the vodka experts modernized this proces. After distillation, the ‘Alpha’ portion of the spirit is mixed with specially balanced water. The product then goes through three filtrations. During this process, elit™ is held in a tank at -18C for at least 10 hours during which the liquid’s density increases, causing impurities to freeze to the tank’s sides. After this process, elit™ is then filtered two more times so that only the most delectable, velvety clean spirit remains.

To best appreciate elit’s™ fine qualities, it should be served either straight from the freeze or well-chilled over ice.

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