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La Mauny


Established in 1749 by Count Mauny as a sugar plantation, La Mauny is the largest distillery in the French West Indies and the largest distiller of agricole rhum in the Caribbean.
La Mauny Rhum is a favourite with bartenders, rum aficionados and consumers alike, and is recognized by its iconic “lady in traditional headdress” symbol and strong, fresh character.


– La Mauny Ambre agricole
– La Mauny Blanc agricole
– La Mauny Blanc agricole ‘ter rouj’
– La Mauny Banane Flambé
– La Mauny Spiced
– La Mauny Ananas
– La Mauny VO signature de maitre de chais
– La Mauny XO
– La Mauny Le nouveau monde
– La Mauny Serie Limitée Acacia
– La Mauny VSOP
– La Mauny Lim. Ed. Confrérie Du Rhum Millésime 2005

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