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Pisco Portón


Handcrafted in small batches by Master Distiller Johnny Schuler, Pisco Portón is the most awarded pisco in the world.
Made at Hacienda La Caravado, established in 1684 and the oldest distillery in the Americas, Pisco Portón pairs centuries-old artisanal distilling methods with state-of-the-art technology to create the finest expression of the country’s national spirit.

Pisco Portón is crafted with hand-selected, estate-grown grapes.
There are four types of grapes used and each adds a complex element to the pisco
1) Torontel brings the aromatic notes of peach and citrus
2) Italia adds a combination of tropical and floral scents
3) Quebranta provides full body and flavor
4) Albilla rounds out every sip with a smooth, soft and fruity finish.

Pisco Portón is made in the “mosto verde method”, recognized as the finest type of pisco in which only the must (the juice of freshly pressed grapes) that has not completely fermented is used, resulting in more flavor and aroma in every bottle. Each bottle of Pisco Portón contains 18 pounds of grapes, rested for a minimum of one year and distilled to proof. Pisco Portón is unaltered in any way including water, flavors or additives.

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