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Rutte Gin


Rutte has been distilling jenevers, gins and liqueurs since 1872 and today the firm’s motto still remains the same: “distilled with passion”. T
hey use no artificial flavorings or colorings; all of the flavor and color comes from fresh fruit, herbs and nuts, which is obvious from our products’ sublime flavors and aromas!

The historical building in the center of Dordrecht has been preserved in its original state. The distillation process is still carried out here and smaller, more specialized orders are still bottled by hand.
Rutte has won prestigious prices in de USA with a ‘normal’ Dry Gin, beautifully balanced and extraordinary in quality and a Celery Gin, unique in the world.

The Celery is very well suited for cocktails such as Bloody Mary and Red Snapper, with celery and tomato.
With both gins endless combinations can be made and of course they do extremely well in a gin- and tonic mix.

– Rute Dry Gin
– Rutte Celery Gin

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