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For over 140 years, Casa Sauza® has offered finely crafted tequilas, best enjoyed with the company of others. Wether you’re relaxing with a cool margarita or sipping a mixed cocktail, nothing brings people together like the authentic taste of Sauza® tequila

All our tequilas are carefully produced using a unique method known as gentle extraction. We use the nectar of the finest blue weber agave and then cook the juices only after they’ve been extracted from the piña. This innovative approach ensures our agave flavors are their freshest and most pure.

The history of tequila is a long and storied one, but ultimately, it all comes back to one region – Jalisco. This is where you’ll find the finest blue weber agave, perfect for crafting smooth tequila. It is also the home of Casa Sauza®.


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