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Stroh (started in 1832) is a strong spiced rum from Austria. It is available in 3 variants, Stroh 40, Stroh 60 and Stroh 80. The number represents the percentage alcoholic strength by volume.

The overproof versions are seldom drunk neat, but used for Jagertee or a Flaming B-52 cocktail. Stroh is also an important ingredient for cakes and pastries of the Austrian cuisine.
At 80% alcohol (160 Proof) many are pleasantly surprised by the complex aroma and unique taste that is converting them to the joys of STROH 80.

In addition to being the ultimate super-shooter with strong cult appeal, STROH makes fantastic cocktails, provides finishing touches to delicate deserts, pastries, in coffee tea or hot chocolate. The millions of bottles sold in over thirty countries every year are a tribute to its quality and the devotion of its followers.

– Stroh “80”
– Stroh “60”
– Stroh “40”
– Stroh “Jagertee 40”

* Only available for Luxembourg

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