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Zizi Coin Coin


Zizi Coin Coin® Original is unique. This ready to serve aperitif has been made with fresh hand-pressed lemon juice and orange liqueur. Nothing compares to its freshness and quality.

The product range has grown over the years: Coco-Rico, Cocktail Passion, Caïpirinha and Mojito and still according to the company know-how (the harmonious blend of high quality alcohol and super fresh fruit juices hand-pressed on the production site).

– Zizi Coin Coin Lemon
– Zizi Coin Coin 4 Agrum’s
– Zizi Coin Coin Caipirinha
– Zizi Coin Coin Coco-Rico
– Zizi Coin Coin Mojito
– Zizi Coin Coin Passion
– Zizi Coin Coin G-Fizz

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